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A detailed list of definitions and word explanations entailed in the GBA website.

shall mean the spouse of a member, as well as a member's children or foster children.
Retirement age
shall mean 63 years of age and all members - irrespective of the way in which they attained membership – shall pay up to this age. Ordained ministers; administrative and lecturing personnel at government and state supported schools, technical colleges, technikons and universities; member's children; a dependant's brother and/or sister that became a member; members of staff at the GBA; widow/widower members and divorced dependants pay up to the age of 63 years.
shall mean the board elected in terms of regulation 26.
Management committee members
shall mean the management committee members elected in terms of regulation 31.
Training staff
shall mean lecturing and administrative personnel employed by government and government supported schools, technical colleges, technikons, universities and colleges of education.
shall mean ordained ministers identified by their specific denominations for serving members of the church.
shall mean employment at Transnet (as defined in 3.17), the South African Police Services, the GBA, training staff and ministers.
shall mean a single spouse with whom a legal marriage had been entered into.
shall mean Group Burial Association.
shall mean a divorced man/woman who became a member after the divorce in terms or regulation 8.2.
General Manager
shall mean the General Manager appointed in terms of regulation 30.
shall mean a member's child, including an illegitimate child, a child born after the death of its father, a stepchild and any other child considered an adopted child by the board for the purposes of these regulations; upon the understanding that the child shall be unmarried, younger than twenty one years of age and fully dependent on the member.
shall mean an undertaker who entered into an agreement with the GBA to render services on behalf of GBA.
shall mean a person who joined the GBA as a member without forfeiting membership.
shall mean persons older than 60 years of age, irrespective of being employed by any institution or not.
shall mean all branches of Transnet Limited and its subsidiaries, including those that operated before the restructuring and those that were privatised after 23 May 1988.
member shall mean a widow/widower who became a member following the death of a spouse in terms of regulation 8.1.
shall mean the Act on Friendly Societies (Act 25 of 1956 as amended) and the regulations thereto.
GBA is a Group Burial Association that only allow members that belong to one of the groups covered.
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A detailed list of definitions
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