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The GBA affords its members and their dependents peace of mind by providing funerals, cremations, and related services and products or cash disbursements within the RSA.

The services are provided by our own personnel or approved contractors. Funds are efficaciously invested in order to maintain the benefits substratum of the GBA and to prove for optimum growth in the future.

The survival and growth of the GBA resides in the increase of its membership as well as the periodic addition of approved groups through innovative thinking and attitudes.

A Council elected from the members is responsible for the strategic positioning and functioning of the GBA by an executive management. All activities shall be aimed towards the growth of the GBA and the maintenance of optimum service towards its members.

The GBA is committed to the supporting of its members and respects the dignity and solemnity with which the services should be rendered. The Council, Management and Personnel assure the winning philosophy of the GBA through dedication and mutual respect, trust and support. Members are recruited from selected groups and families of existing members. The GBA operates within the Law of Friendly Societies.

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Founded: April 1930

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GBA is a Group Burial Association that only allow members that belong to one of the groups covered.
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